Along with the childcare, Montessori style teaching, and play times, we engage children in several extra activities:

  • Field Trips: During summer and some of the school release days, preschool and older children go out for field trips at places such as Como Zoo, Bowling Alley, Adventure Park, local library, local parks, swimming classes, etc.

  • Water Days: During summer, on Fridays, we use the sprinkler system in the back to let kids have a ball with water.

  • Graduation Parties: We finish the preschool/pre-K school year with Graduation Parties by renting the Auditoriums at local public schools. The children perform and receive certificates in front of their family and friends, a gathering of about 400 to 500 people - finishing with graduation cakes and social hour.

  • There are several more activities such as conference hours with parents every six months, picture day, Christmas Party with Santa, tea parties, which makes the year go by really fast!